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What will be the address of my web store?

There are two options. With the standard offering your web store address would take the form: www.smestore.com/clients/yourcompany. There is also an option for a small monthly fee to use your own domain name so that you could access your web store at: www.yourcompany.com.au

How much does it cost?

There is a one-time set up fee of $399 + GST when you purchase SME Store and ongoing monthly fees that range from $45 + GST to $65 + GST per month depending on the number of products in your store. In addition to this, if you select the credit card processing option, you will be charged fees by VaultX for use of their e-commerce gateway and by the Bank that issued your Merchant Account. See our Pricing page for further details.

Can I use a custom design for the graphics and layout?

Yes, SME Store has been designed to operate with both standard and custom Templates. A custom Template gives the user a geat deal of flexibility over the store's appearance. You can design your own Template or we can recommend a graphics art studio to provide this service at a reasonable cost. Please contact sales@smestore.com if you have an interest in this option.

Do I need a Merchant Account?

SME Store provides the option of allowing clients to pay by cheque. A Merchant Account will be required if you wish to accept and process credit card payments at the time the customer places the order.

What Merchant Accounts do you support?

SME Store is integrated the GlobalPoint and eWay payment gateways for credit card processing. These gateways support Merchant Accounts from all major Australian banks.

How many products can I have?

The options listed on this web site are for web stores with up to 2000 products. Please contact us if you have a requirement to handle more than 2000 products and we will be happy to provide a quotation.

How am I notified when I receive an order?

SME Store sends an email with the order details to both the store owner and the customer. There is also an option for the store owner to be faxed a copy of each order for an additional fee per order.

What do I do if I forget my password?

There is a link that will email your password to your email address. If this is not successful then we suggest that your contact SME Store staff for support.

Do I need to install any special software?

No, SME Store is entirely browser based and so all administration of your web store is done using a web browser such as Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Do you provide multi-currency processing?

The payment gateway used by SME Store, accepts credit cards from any country, however, all transactions are processed and settled in Australian dollars.

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